Hutt Valley Benefit Education Service Trust

Are you finding it hard to cover your basic living cost?

Rent, Food, Medical Expenses?

If so you may not be getting your full benefit entitlement.

You may be eliglble for Temporary Aditional Support.(TAS)

If you want to know if you are eligible for extra help we can advise.

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Hutt Valley Benefit Education Service Trust

What: FREE
Advice and Advocacy


WHO: Beneficiaries and Low Income Earners or people needing to apply for assistance from Work and Income.

If you need advice in regard to your benefit entitlements or need to review a decision because you have been declined assistance from work and income, we can advise and support you through the process.

We provide benefit information, lodge reviews of decisions, We offer support and advocate on behalf of people through the Review and Appeal process. We can advise in regard to applying for social housing or income related rent.

Who are we?

Volunteers who have been trained as advocates and have extensive knowledge of Social Welfare legislation and Work and Income policy.

Make an appointment with us or call us for further information. The service is confidential and your privacy will be maintained in accordance with our privacy policy

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